Spring Cleanup in the Gardens….

Yesterday I really started cleaning up my gardens. The back cottage garden is going to get a major overhaul as time permits. I need to remove a lot of plants and put them in new spaces to make room for the fence we’re going to put in. I asked my garden group is it’s still to early to transplant perennials in zone 5 and I’m waiting for the verdict. Hopefully I can get some plants moved soon. Many have started popping up already….columbine, hyssop, bee balm, rudbeckia and iris are all looking strong. I was worried about some plants because we had some really harsh temps here for the first time in a few years but I think everything survived.

I also cleaned out my front rock garden and there are TONS of sedums. They really multiplied for me!

I have 2 flower beds in progress right now. There’s a new shade garden that I laid out the pattern for last fall and I’m making another flower bed larger. I’m thinking about redoing the iris/daylily bed in the front before there’s too much growth also. I think there’s just too much shade for the daylilies to thrive and the soil is really poor too.

So much to do…so little daylight!


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