Blue Spotted Salamander

Tonight we were coming home from town and saw something that looked like a fat stick sitting on the sidewalk. Taking a closer look, we saw that it was a Blue Spotted Salamander…a critter that I’ve never seen before. We usually find the yellow spotted ones in the yard. This little fella was a real treat to find. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo because my battery was dead in the camera. 😦

According to an article I found I is an adult…being about 4″ in length. Very pretty coloring and I hope to see more of them. This little fella was wandering around by my rock garden. I also have a pond about 25′ away from the house so maybe they’re breeding in it???? Hope so!

Here’s a link to a good article:

Gorgeous day outside! Warm (around 60′ – 65′ I guess) with a mild wind. Great day for gardening….except it’s still too wet. So, I did a little painting on a chair I’m working on and just enjoyed the weather.


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