Homemade polymer clay…is it possible? And another feature Etsy Shop!

Hmmmm, found this link http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf681300.tip.html
which has a recipe to make homemade polymer clay for jewelry or other crafts. So…tonight I whipped a batch up and tried it out. It seems a little soft and tends to “settle” when you set the pieces out to dry but I think it would be very useful to make organic looking beads and cabochons. I made several beads and cabochons with very little ingredients and I will check the amount of shrinkage and drying time in the morning. I am looking forward to painting my little beauties and sealing them with several coats of some type of varnish to really give them a finished look. 🙂

I’d also like to feature a fellow Etsy seller’s blog: http://tigergirletsy.blogspot.com/
If you get a chance…check out the gorgeous jewelry in her etsy store. (the link is in her blog.)

Also…couple of photos taken this morning after the rain in my gardens:


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