Recently Commisioned!

I was recently commisioned to “finish” this piece for someone. It was originally a brooch that someone had bought (the pretty flower). …but this woman doesn’t wear brooches so she asked me to turn it into a hair clip. It took over 3 hrs to do this one. I think it turned out pretty good. 🙂

Here’s the commisioned piece:

Soooooo, I decided to design one of my own.
And here’s a photo of the one I designed. It has a pair of vintage, green rhinestone earrings as the focal point and is surrounded with Miyuki glass beads. This one took about 2.5 hrs. Turned out pretty good also.

I’ll be putting it up on Etsy just as soon as I take a couple more photos and decide on a price.

Both pieces were a lot of fun to make but BOY…DO MY HANDS HURT! UGH HAND CRAMPS!!!!!!!!! 😉


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