Relaxing my Style….

Tried a couple of paintings in a new style in an effort to relax my style. Totally new to me because I’m usually a very fussy, meticulous painter. So, in order to teach myself something a little different, I went the abstract/contemporary route.

Frightening for me. LOL But, I’ll admit it helped me with flow, movement, color mixing and actually did help me relax….a little bit. Still had terrible urges to tweak and fuss and shade this and punch up that but I restrained myself. πŸ™‚

Titled “Vortex Tree” 9×12 acrylic on canvas-board

“Firey Fall” 6×8 acrylic on canvas-board

Titled: “Rain Chains” 10×14 acrylic on canvas-board

Titled: “Tree Stand” 10×14 acrylic on canvas


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