Officially Spring!

I honestly feel it is officially Spring! I have lots of plants coming up now….daylilies, chives, columbine, sedum, semps and I spotted a couple tulips yesterday. It’s 60+ degrees here today also and that just feels so wonderful after the lonnnng, loooonnnnngggg winter.

I’ve been asked to contribute to a rummage sale/trash to treasure/re-purpose item type of presentation at work. Very exciting. I am currently going through some of my “junque” to see what will be appropriate to share.

I’ve been working on some new jewelry….fork and spoon bracelets. Plus, I’ve been working on improving my wire wrapping skills to create new designs. The fork bracelets (which are the ones in the photos) are still “in process” as I have not decided yet whether I want to smooth their finish or if I like them they way they are. They seem to shimmer a bit with the rougher finish but maybe I’ll smooth a couple just to see. The forks are vintage and are made with beach glass from Geneva Lake.


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