Back out in the gardens…..

Well, I’m back out in the gardens at work. And what a first day back! I thought I was going to ease my way back into the groove of things after sitting inside all winter but boy was I wrong. First day back we had to move all the HEAVY wood, raised boxes from the kid’s part of the garden. What a workout! But luckily…..I think that will be the most labor intensive thing we have to do this season so I’m glad that’s out of the way. I’m not as sore as I thought I’d be….but sore enough! LOL

My gardens at home look like they survived their first hard winter in our new house. I think at least 90% of the plants survived which is a better number than I first anticipated. Lots of daylilies (which still need more dividing)…most of the shrubs are showing a little green and my transplanted honeysuckle has buds! I don’t think my clematis survived but it could still surprise me.

I have a bidder on a bracelet I put on Ebay! wooohooo! It’ll be my first official ebay sale for my handcrafted jewelry so I’m extremely happy.

Hit a jackpot today on junk jewelry to tear apart. I found 2 glass jars full of old costume jewelry at the thrift store which I’m going to dig into this afternoon. Then we stopped at a rummage sale and I found loads of old glass necklaces that I can’t wait to tear apart also.

I’ve also been working on refining my fork bracelet designs. I “banged out” a couple new ones earlier in the week and they just need to be polished a bit. I’ll post some pics soon.

TTFN (on this beautiful spring day!)


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