Bead and Button Show – Milwaukee WI

Today I went to the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee with my Mom. What an amazing, overwhelming experience. As we walked into the “marketplace” (which is the primary reason we went) I knew total bead overload was inevitable. I also knew that I was indeed in trouble! Not enough money in the world could have satisfied my spending appetite at that moment. I was ready and willing to spend every cent I had at the first booth I visited.

But, I restrained myself and I’m so glad I did. Walking through aisle after aisle, I saw beads of every color, size, shape and texture that you can imagine. A jewelery designer’s paradise! Czech glass, lampwork, swarovski, clay, porcelain, india glass beads, findings of every imaginable metal and style, ribbons, chains….oh, too much to mention it all!

And the deals! On the way there (fighting Milwaukee’s lovely traffic) I wondered to myself if maybe the prices would be marked up drastically from what I’m accustomed to but to my suprise, there were many, many wonderful deals to be had. Vendors were letting some things go at 25% – 75% off which made me a very happy shopper. Clearance items were everywhere!

This is not something one can do in only a couple of hours. With all there is too see, you need to make sure to make a day of an event like this. It took us over 4 hours to make it through all the vendors and honestly, I was exhausted after walking through only 1/3 of the aisles. But, at the end of the day….with aching feet, empty pocketbook and exhausted eyes (after looking at all the pretties) I am so happy we made it to the Bead and Button show and plan to make it an annual event for years to come!


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