Can’t believe it’s JULY already!

I can’t believe it’s July already. Where did June go? Actually….June was a very good month for me on Etsy. I joined a great trade list and had a blast with all my fellow traders. The July one is coming up soon too. It was also a great month for sales. My best month yet and I’m extremely happy with that.

I’ve become a little burnt out on making jewelry though. I think it might be because I have a ton of inventory here. Once I start creating….I just can’t stop. So, I’ve got loads of “pretties” that are just sitting for now.

I’ve gone back to working with paper again. Not just gift tags this time but cards and envelopes also. Tons of stamps laying everywhere and ink stains on my fingers but I’m having fun. Nothing too fussy….just simple things to pretty up a gift or two.

I’ve also gone back to my paintings again. Recently finished an acrylic painting of a dragonfly which I think turned out pretty good.

My next painting which is almost is simply a tree. The words “old mother” keep popping up into my head while I’m painting it. Maybe that’s going to be it’s title. I don’t know.

The gardens are looking pretty good. (although, after being at work in the sun some mornings I don’t have the energy to pull my own weeds at home LOL) I’ve gotten some nice comments from the neighbors too….so I guess they don’t look too shabby. I was given some daylily divisions from a co-worker last fall so each new daylily bloom that opens is a total surprise to me. I love the soft buttery yellow of this one. (don’t know the name as these were unnamed hybrids that the co-worker received from a daylily breeder)


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