Hot July…..whew!

It’s been terribly hot (and humid) these last few days. I suppose the flowers are loving it but unfortunately…the weeds are too. It’s been so hot that I can’t get any work done outside and the rain we had today didn’t help with the humidity either.
My daylilies are in full glory! Some are just old-fashioned ditch lilies but I also have some beautiful bright yellow and deep, deep red ones that were a total surprise because last year they didn’t bloom due to overcrowding. A few are some lovely, unnamed, ruffled hybrids that I received from a friend.

We also have some volunteer pumpkins in the garden. I swear….the vines are the longest that I’ve ever seen! At least 15 feet in length. There is also a surprise plant next to our door. I don’t know how the seed got into the crack in the sidewalk but that vine is thriving and is just as large as the pumpkins in the garden. (in the photo…I am standing next to my door taking a pic of the length of the vine)

My ACEO painting are coming along fairly well. I’m getting the knack of painting smaller and smaller. My subject matter is mainly nature.

I’ve also decided to create a flickr album. Nice to have my photos in more than one place, plus I can join groups too. Here’s the link:


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