Labor Day…..

I can’t believe summer is winding down already. Kids will be back in school tomorrow and it’s September already.

I’ve expended my artistic horizons. I’d been taking photos of things for years now (mostly garden related) and hubby suggested that I try putting some pics on Etsy. Kind of exciting for me because in the past month I’ve sold 3 pieces. ((could be beginners luck LOL)) I’ve also started photographing other things besides just flowers….like still life shots. Setting up things for a photo and checking on the lighting and situating objects is all part of the artistic process so that makes it fun also. I also find that I prefer B&W photos over color which is strange since when I paint it’s usually in glaring color.

Here’s a couple shots.

Maybe it’s the quality of a B&W photos contrast that I enjoy so much…..

I am so ready for tourist season to be over here in Lake Geneva. Going to Walmart can be a lengthy car ride even though I only like about & minutes away from it. UGH! But…that’s a subject for another day. :O)


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