Recently finished works…..

I recently finished these 2 paintings. Actually….I’m not positive that they’re “finished” but I’m studying them to see if I like them enough to be considered truly done. First is an abstract painting which is very difficult for me to do because I usually try to get things as close to realistic looking as possible. It was a blast though…splashes of paint here, a brush stroke there, drips and drops….really loosened things up for me. Started out as just abstract color patters but a tree appeared and I just ran with it. I’m considering naming it After Rain Falls in Autumn or Autumn Leaves Bleed or Autumn’s Rain Effects of something along those lines but not sure yet.

Second painting was inspired by the site of a lone tree sitting waaayyyy in back of a field that was turning gold. The field was actually corn…but I like the look of wheat a little better. I think it might need a little more texture or highlights to make it “pop” a bit more though. Hmmmmm it was an overcast day so I need to be careful with the highlights in this one. Can’t be too bright.


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