Lake Michigan Beach Glass

Yesterday we took a little road trip (about 1 hr ride) to Lake Michigan in Kenosha. It was cool and windy but not unpleasant. The waves were fairly calm because we were situated behind a breakwall but the neatest thing was listening to the waves booming against the other side of the wall.

We were able to find some decent pieces of beach glass…..mostly white but some brown and green too. Hubby found a white one that has something lodged inside of it. Looks like a stick but who knows. I also found a beautiful golden amber piece with some raised pattern on it. I would like to return a couple more times before the snow flies to explore a couple more beaches and see what else I can find.

Took some photos too. I think they turned out pretty decent and will be putting a few on Etsy in the future.

I seem to be really drawn to deep bodies water lately. I’m constantly thinking of going to the beach either here in Lake Geneva or to Lake Michigan. I suppose there is some meaning to this…. but I haven’t figured it out yet.


One thought on “Lake Michigan Beach Glass

  1. Hi, yesteday I also found a nice piece of white glass with what looks like a thin piece of wire in it at Big Bay in Milwaukee. I am wondering if the museum might be able to help identify it. It is really nagging at me…

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