Should I open another Etsy shop??

This question has been running around my head for the past month or so….. should I open another Etsy shop?

I know that Etsy (as stated in the guidelines) does not necessarily condone the opening of a 2nd shop on Etsy but I’m starting to feel that I have just too much variety in my shop. My crafting style is so eclectic and varied that I’m constantly trying new projects or jumping around into other projects every other week. I think I moght have too many different things in my shop. In the beginning when I opened my shop is was specifically jewelry. Well, because of my eclectic crafting… that quickly changed. I then added some of my art. After art came some of my painted wood crafts. Then to beads and supplies. Next beach glass and fork bracelets. Then some of my photography. Now I’ve got crocheted items, fabric bags and upcycled clothing items plus some vintage collectibles! I just jumped into making pendants from domino and scrabble tiles using my photos but haven’t listed anything yet. It’s feeling clustered to me!

If I did open another shop….my plans would be to divide things into the two stores.
Shop 1 (current shop):
beach glass jewelry
fork bracelets
Domino and scrabble tile photo pendants
beads and supplies
fine art
painted wood crafts

Shop 2 (new shop…. haven’t thought of a name for this one yet)
crocheted items
bags, totes, purses
upcycled clothing items
anything else I make from fabric or yarn

I don’t know why…but this just makes more sense to me. I see others with two shops and they seem to do fairly well. Something to ponder further I suppose. I also want to think of a name for the second shop that’s along the lines of Rustic Diva Designs. Maybe Rustic Path “something” or Rustic Diva “something”?????


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