I am enjoying ArtFire!

ArtFire is turning out to be a wonderful place to sell, network and possibly buy. I’ve been seeing a lot of other Etsy sellers and buyers on there already. Their admin is great and they’re really working hard to make it a smooth-sailing site. Actually, I’ve already had my first sale on there also.

I am trying to figure out if I want to keep it strictly jewelry….or should I branch out into other things. Take a look at my shop: http://rusticdivadesigns.artfire.com On Etsy, I have 2 shops. One for jewelry, art and photography plus supplies…the other is for yarn, fabric and paper creations. I am tempted to put all of my creative works into one Artfire shop but it’s something I need to think about further. Honestly, since my skills have been improving in the jewelry designing the items in my ArtFire shop have been a little more “upscale” than things I’ve created in the past. Should I just concentrate on that for now? Hmmmmm

If you’re interested in joining ArtFire (which is only $7 / month to list and sell right now…good deal huh?) here’s a link to check out: Register on ArtFire.com


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