Master Gardening…first class

Last night I attended my first Master Gardening class. It was pretty neat. The instructor is very knowledgeable and her teachings are detailed. We basically did an overview of what being a MG entails, the volunteer work you can do and a little bit about going further in the MG area. Evidently you can become a specialist in some type of horticulture which is something I would be very interested in doing. After the overview…we headed into botany. WOW! Phloem and Xylem and root cap and transference. There is soooo much to learn!
I was nervous though…it’s been about 20 yrs since I’ve been in school but I’m very glad I signed up for the course.

Snowing like crazy here today. It’s not supposed to let up until 6am tomorrow. UGH…I’m so ready for Spring.

I think I’m going to winter sow some seeds today. I’ve got some seeds from my beautiful Hardy Hibiscus and Woodland Phlox plants that I definitely want to propagate and I’ve got some other things hidden in my seed box as well. Guess I should go take a look.

Made a couple new necklaces yesterday. A wire-wrapped beach pottery and wire-wrapped beach glass. The glass one is really cool because it has a starburst pattern in it. I assume it was from the bottom of an old bottle.
These are listed in my ArtFire shop.


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