Been slooooowwwwww……

Been a slow couple of weeks here. Creativity is almost at a standstill because of family matters. Plus…all this cold might be freezing my creative juices. I dunno.

Fabulous Handmade Finds blog is coming along nicely. I’m getting some good feedback and finding so many wonderful artisans to showcase. I really pleased with how it’s turning out.

I started up a blog for my 2nd Etsy shop Gypsy Wynd. I haven’t put much of anything into the blog at all yet….haven’t had time. But I am planning to get it going very soon. 🙂

I’ve been dabbling in a few things here and there. Couple new rings, a couple patchwork or crazy quilted dolls and some painted cigar boxes but not too much to write about. Could use some sales in my shops but what can a person do? No one has any money and I can totally understand that since I’m in the same boat. LOL

Ok. Off to wander the house and find something creative to do.


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