Sunday’s Thoughts….

Despite the fact that I just bought MORE beads yesterday I am starting to consider putting my jewelry designing on the back burner for awhile. With spring coming I have found that I am feeling burnt out by doing crafts that are so “inside” centered. Not that I don’t LOVE making jewelry…I do but I’ve also come to the realization (although I’ve known this for awhile) that the market is extremely saturated with jewelry designers. It’s frustrating at times…especially when you think you’ve come up with something new and exciting only to find out it’s something that has already been done (usually over and over again).
With the warmer weather, I can also concentrate on building my beach glass collection back up. (long story short, we got a fishtank and hubby used my glass as the “sand” at the bottom LOL)
That would probably be a jewelry item that I will continue to make regardless of the market because there are no 2 pieces of beach glass that are alike and I’m totally addicted to hunting for it during the summer.

What I am going to focus on will probably be photography, digital design and art. We’ll see how it goes.


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