Spring Crochet Ideas

I’m mostly a “winter crocheter”…it’s something that I do while it’s cold and the snow is flying. But I do still have the urge to create as it gets warmer.
Time for warm winter hats and scarves is over… but there are still lots of things you can crochet that are appropriate for Spring and Summer. I found these links on Crochet Pattern Central and these are just a few of the things listed. Be sure to check out the site for more great ideas.

Mini Flower Pincushion
Sunflower Scrubber
Crochet Butterfly
Round Scrubbie
Whole page of Easter crochet patterns / ideas
4×4 Wrist Pouch
Loaf Pan Tote
Cell Phone Pouch

Well, you get the idea. There are tons and tons more to see!


2 thoughts on “Spring Crochet Ideas

  1. Good links, thanks for having them up here! I try to stick to cotton knit & crochet in the summertime, that helps me keep my fingers busy when I'm always waiting around at kid events/programs.Stop by this blog post – I sent you a "Spreader of Love" award -http://tamdoll.blogspot.com/2009/04/contradictions.htmlThanks for being on twitter,too!

  2. Hi! Thank you for following my blog…I found yours because of that :-). And I must say your template is AWESOME! The name of my blog is “The Purple Flower”, but I couldn’t find a single purple flower template that I liked. Where did you find yours? Or did you make yours?I’ll go and look through your blog now. Its beautiful!

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