Yard renovations in the VERY near future….

Some major yard renovations are in store for our house in the very near future. We rent and have lived here for about 1.5 yrs. In that time I have been slowly working on landscaping the yard with very little money and little time. Now unfortunately…things are going to have to be completely changed.

The landlord is putting in natural gas plus he’s going to tear out the foundation all the way around the house to put some type of insulation in. This means I have to dig up all the plants that I put in plus the old, VERY well established plants that have been here for God knows how long. Now…don’t get me wrong….I know the landlord is improving the living conditions and I’m grateful for that and for the fact that it’s not going to cost us anything but it’s just hard to see the work that I did have to be torn up.

I am going to try and dig a lot of it up in advance to save it because I have plants that are very near and dear to my heart along the front of the house. My perennial hibiscus that I grew from seed, my pretty double white clematis, a huge hosta and a few other things have been with me for years and traveled with me to this house from our old one. They’re kind of like my little green children. LOL

I think building another flower bed or two will be in order…at least something temporary for these plants to live out the season. The hostas will be a problem because I really don’t have much shade at all in the yard. So much 2 do!

I am seeing a lot of life out in the yard though. The tulips are about 4″ tall, there’s buds on just about all the shrubs and trees and there’s daylilies that are looking very healthy. I just need to get out there and clean up the beds and do it carefully because everything is MUD and I don’t want to mess around with the dirt too much yet.

Yesterday I visited rotarygardens.org which is the website for the Rotary Gardens in Janesville WI. They have a couple of newsletters that you can sign up for toward the bottom of the page plus a lot of other info on the website. I visited the gardens in 2006 and really loved it. (note to self….need more memory space in camers) Absolutely beautiful. Pics follow below. In fact… Mike Maddox from Rock County Extension (a Master Gardener instructor) who also works at Rotary Gardens gave a talk to us MG volunteers on Thursday night about plant pathology. Great speaker and I learned alot.


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