Back in the garden…..FINALLY!

I’m finally back in the garden at work. I’m so happy to be outside again! So far we’re just working on cleaning up after the long snowy winter and doing a bit of research and planning. We have a couple of projects in the works for this year.

The first one is the reading garden which is getting quite an overhaul and has been a work in progress since late last summer. The photo in the link was taken in late April of last year. In the summer, it’s filled with a mish-mash of hostas, yarrow, coral bells and a mix of other plants but it going to be headed into a different direction. The plan is to make it into a shady haven filled with hostas and other shade to part shade loving perennials. A tiered “hillside” with a dry stream bed will be a new feature along with some great tree stumps filled with colorful annuals. All of the ‘sun loving’ plants will be removed and replaced with more hostas, ferns and other various shade lovers. Here’s a bit of inspiration for the project. Photo was taken at the Rotary Gardens in Janesville, WI a couple of years ago. Not the greatest photos but this was before I had my “good” camera. LOL

The other project is the tea and herb garden. Need to create a more organized haven for little fellas like this guy and this fella. We’re going to completely tear down the bed and build it up again…introducing some new types of herbs.

Some of the finished projects are the butterfly garden which was a HUGE success and all the credit goes to my co-worker Kathy. It was absolutely beautiful last year and I’m sure this year will be even more wonderful!

We had lots of visitors in the butterfly garden…

Haven’t gotten out there with my camera yet but will this week. So far the crocus are up and blooming and the daffodils are about to burst with color!



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