An Aching Back And Garden Accomplishments

What a man needs in gardening is a cast-iron back, with a hinge in it. ~Charles Dudley Warner, My Summer in a Garden, 1871
Finally Friday and I’m sitting here with an aching back, yet feeling good about all the things I’ve gotten accomplished this week in the garden. Not only my own garden but the gardens at work also.

After some tweaking and fussing around, the reading garden’s slope is finished. OK…no garden is never actually “finished” but the groundwork is definitely laid for this season. It’s been filled with Hostas of various types, ferns, hardy geraniums, daylilies, phlox, coneflowers and more. Since it is at a slope…the test of ‘wash-out’ was performed by Mother Nature earlier this week and the garden passed the test. VERY little wash out! I think it was because I moved the dry stream bed to the other end of the slope but it could also be because the hostas had matured enough to hold back the soil sufficiently.
Pond stones were added later in the week (not shown in photos yet) and it’s really taking on the look of a woodland oasis.

Wednesday was “Shopping Day” for the garden. What a blast! I hadn’t officially been to a garden center yet this season (no…I don’t get out enough LOL) and I was floored by the new varieties I saw as Stein’s. Picked up some Creeping Jenny, Ferns, Lady’s Mantle and some viola’s for the shade garden and they went in on Thursday. (Pics coming soon) Also visited the herb section and I tell you I could have spent about 3 hrs there! Especially when we found the scented Geraniums!!! We picked up a couple varieties for the Tea and Herb garden and I couldn’t resist picking up an Orange Geranium and a Lime Geranium for myself. I also found a Curry plant and that is now one of my absolute faves!

The revamping of my own home garden is slow. Since I’m outside at work for 4-5 hrs almost every day of the week…there’s not a lot of energy for my own yard. So, it got terribly neglected last year. 😦 Now this spring I’m moving a lot and expanding a couple of beds (while removing mountains of weeds) to make things easier to take care of and more eye-pleasing. So far I’ve been able to enjoy some beautiful Tulips and my gorgeous “Darts Gold” Ninebark. That shrub really took off this year!

The veggie garden is starting out nicely. Had a couple of little helpers that planted some lettuce, radish, lima beans, carrots and onions. Just picked up some seeds for a couple of herbs like dill and basil yesterday and they’ll be going in very soon.

Master Gardening classes are coming to a close. Yesterday we visited the Arboretum in Delevan and it was cold but gorgeous! The Crabs are still in bloom and the Magnolias were just finishing up. I can’t wait to visit again.


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