The Glories of Spring….

Spring has brought about new inspiration for me. Not only am I working diligently in my gardens here (at home) and at work…but the new growth I’ve been witnessing is bringing about some new jewelry designs.

The garden at home is blooming with new color this year. All the new plantings I did last year are showing off their true beauty with maturity.

The gardens at work are also REALLY singing! I’ve found that there’s somewhat of a pattern the colors take. Spring brings about the yellows, oranges and reds of tulips and daffodils but late spring brings out so many purple and pinks!

My beach glass jewelry is taking on a more detailed look…with beaded necklaces instead of a simple black cord…plus I’ve really taken a liking to memory wire so that’s been consuming my time also. I seem to be leaning toward blues and green…must be a “Spring Thing”.
Looking forward to going to the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee with Mom on Sunday! Going to shop til my hearts content! Plus…I’m planning a blog give-away for June so make sure you visit often to check it out!


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