What a haul on Lake Michigan!

For about 2 yrs I’ve been an avid beachcomber here in Lake Geneva. Thought I was doing pretty well with finding nice pieces but….

NOTHING prepared me for the glass I was to find at a new location on Lk Michigan. (big thanks to Mark from my Sea Glass group for the tip)

The pieces we found were so rounded and frosted….I was honestly amazed at the quality of this glass! Almost too pretty to do anything with except look at them!

Also found some of these. Not sure what they are yet…but they appear to be some sort of fossils?


2 thoughts on “What a haul on Lake Michigan!

  1. Yep, those circular things in the rocks are pieces of stem from an animal related to seas stars, called a "crinoid." The rock itself is a piece of ancient seafloor, probably hundreds of millions of years old.

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