Hanging out by the stream….

Spent a good part of the day hanging out with the family by a local stream. Very, very peaceful there and it was nice to sit in the sunshine and just ‘BE’ for awhile. Took a couple of pics while I was there (of course…couldn’t resist) and also plopped myself down on the bridge with a handful or two of young, flexible willow branches from a nearby fallen tree. As it turns out….I created a pretty neat little ‘nest’ or basket out of the branches on my 2nd attempt. Who knows if it will actually hold up or if it’ll just crack and fall apart when it dries but it was a wonderful, relaxing project. I might just put it on a windowsill or set it in a planter with some houseplants. A large basket or a woven place-mat /centerpiece might be fun to make too.


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