Time for change….

Time for a change for my family and I. We have decided to move. Sometime this summer…probably in July, we’ll be moving about 2.5 hrs north of our current home. My hubby’s DD has a property, a small fixer-upper on a wooded acre that he’s going to sell to us on a land contract. The price is so right that we’d be insane to not take him up on the offer and if we’ve figured correctly, we’ll be the owners in approx 6-8 yrs. So…for the next 5 months (give or take) we will be busy bouncing between home and working on the new place. The plan is to add 2 new bedrooms, a hallway with a laundry closet and a screened in porch.
Plus, (from what I can see of the yard even though it’s covered in snow) I will have to do a lot of yard/debris clearing. Mostly weeds, small scrubby trees and bushes. After that is cleared out, I can start to plan on where I’ll be putting my new flower beds and vegetable gardens. My hope is that I can also talk my FIL into letting me use a very small part of his 20 acre parcel (open, sunny prairie type of land) to grow a variety of crops that I can sell at a local farmers market. I would like to eventually own/operate my own gardening business but that is a few yrs up the road.

For now…my mind is full of plans. Curtains to make, paint colors to pick out, building the rooms, finding some appliances and generally working on fixing the little place up. What started out as a “job” to help the in-laws out so they could or rent the place has turned into a wonderful opportunity for us. It was really very unexpected for us to “fall in love” with it….but we did. I just walked in and immediately felt at home…in spite of the mess of construction, the smell of paint and tools lying all over the floor. More to come…the adventure is just beginning!


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