Narrowing Down a Style – Day 3

Today my mind is on working toward narrowing down a style or a theme for the new house. With a limited budget this is going to be a little tougher but it’s definitely possible.

Styles = cottage, woodsy, lakeside cabin, shabby chic
I think that these styles can work pretty well if mixed together but I’m leaning toward the more “woodsy / cottage” combo right now.

Colors = sage, cream, chocolate, sand, terra cotta, pine green, olive

Other things: wood, wrought iron, cotton fabrics, stoneware, antiqued brass, copper and nickel.

Will be updating my ‘likes’ as things progress. I need to get measurements for the windows so I can make some new curtains. Since the kitchen and family room are pretty open to each other, I’ll probably use one color as my starting color point. Today we found the coolest sage and sand colored area rug for the dining area…. so it looks as though sage is going to be THE accent color in the kitchen and it’ll be incorporated into the family room. The 3 colors that I’m hoping to have “work” together in the kitchen/dining/family room area are sand, chocolate and sage. We’ll have to wait and see though……


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