Days 4 & 5 – and HAPPY Valentine’s Day!

Ok…Day 4 was kind of a bust as far as cleaning and sorting goes. We went shopping instead!

Visited the new Ben Franklin Crafts in Delevan for their Grand Opening event and it was PACKED! Amazing how many people were there. I bought six skeins of yarn and figure that since I can’t buy the blanket I wanted (cuz someone already got the last one grrrrr) I will MAKE the blanket I want. Picked up sage and pine green, a peacock kind of blue and some mocha brown. Unfortunately they were out of the dark chocolate color I wanted so I’ll have to go back (oh shucks) and pick that one up later. I also found a great youtube video on the ripple crochet stitch…. so now, I’ve learned the stitch and that’s how I’m creating this blanket. Here’s the video. And if you look on the right side of the screen you’ll see where you can check out the blog with more great info.

Day 5 was much more successful with cleaning and sorting. I went through a lot of things and gave away about 4 bags of goodies on freecycle. I boxed up the remaining things we will still use. It was a great feeling to declutter so many items and to be able to pack up some things we don’t need to use right now. Hubby also got a van-load of more boxes so I’m probably going to be a packing fool now LOL I’m looking for a warmer day so I can tackle my gardening supplies in the garage though. That REALLY needs to be gone through.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!


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