Day 14 …I think? Cleaning, sorting, freecycling….

Day 14. Well, I haven’t been keepin up as well as I anticipated with the blog but can bring things up to speed I guess.

It’s now day 14 of my cleaning, sorting, freecycling, packing – beating with wintertime blahs quest.
Been slow going but I’ve managed to get some things accomplished plus we took a mini vacation too. Last weekend we spent the night at Timber Ridge water park here in town and had a really good time. Lots of swimming and relaxing. Only about 1 mile from the house but it felt like 100 miles away which was nice.

Besides the vacation, I’ve managed to get rid of a lot of clutter. It doesn’t LOOK like a lot of clutter is gone but considering all the things I have…..especially crafting goodies, I’d say I’m doing pretty good so far. Books, candles, recipe magazines, clothing, craft supplies, household items…it’s all getting sorted and booted out the door. Hubby and I did manage to get a new dining room set (which I’m going to refinish) and a new sleeper sofa in beautiful condition through freecycle ourselves. (tried to bring the sofa inside this house tonight and that was NOT a good thing. Nuthing funnier than watchin a stubborn Irish girl and her Polish hubby trying make a huge couch fit through a little doorway. I swear they built the doorways in this house for very tiny furnishings because it just would NOT fit. So back in the garage it went to await it’s new home.)

So much more to do. Almost got the sunroom cleaned out but it’s hard when 1/2 of the stuff out there (paintings) are for sale on Etsy. Oh well…working around it I suppose.

Anyway, I’ve added lots of new goodies to my ArtFire studio and two of my Etsy shops. Clearance jewelry in the ArtFire studio and RD Designs on Etsy plus some vintage cookbooks and vintage craft books in my other Etsy shops. (the links to my other shops are available on my RD Designs Etsy shop)


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