Starting on a refinishing project

Recently received a beautiful old dining room set through freecycle. Tonight we went to the Depot just to price sanders and walked out with a great Ryobi sander. I couldn’t believe how easy it is to use. I finished almost a whole chair within 1 hr! The wood under all that old varnish is kind of pretty and has some interesting woodgrain almost like a pine-look. Considered leaving it the lighter color and just clear-coating it but the woodgrain look doesn’t match the style of these chairs. So we’ve decided to go with black. It’ll look rather classy and then with new cushion coverings….. I think it’ll look a little ‘cabin-ish’ too. I’ll start posting pics (before and after) soon.

Had a great time at my neice’s birthday party today too. The little cutie was wound up and hilarious….we were laughing so hard! It was good to see the family too.


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