Ok. So I got tired of trying to keep up with the ‘Day 1, Day 2, Day 3’ stuff so I’m just winging it now.
This morning I’m sitting with my cup of coffee with the whole day ahead of me. Hubby is off to get parts for our new Jeep so I’m left to amuse myself. I think it will be a day of cleaning, sorting and packing again and hopefully I’ll be able to get a lot done.

For the past week I’ve been sanding that dining room set almost every day. With the temps in the low 40’s it feels like a heat-wave and I can’t resist being outside to enjoy the sunshine. So far I’ve finished the table’s top and three of the chairs. I still need to sand the ‘band’ around the table’s sides and the legs….plus one last chair. I don’t know if I will get to this today as I’ve been breating in varnish dust for almost a week and I should probably give my old lungs a rest.
We went to Home Depot the other day and picked out the clear varnish and black paint for the set’s colors. We’re going to leave it a natural pine/oak kind of color with black accents. Strangly enough…this set is approx 37 yrs old and we discovered that the backrests are some kind of resin material and not wood. Thought it was strange but that’s the part that’s getting painted black anyway so it really doesn’t matter. I also found some really neat bear and pine tree stencils that I am probably going to incorporate in the top of the table to give it a bit more of a ‘rustic’ feel. Found some bear footprint stamps also so maybe those will go around the edge of the table and the bear and tree will go in the center. I might also put one paw print on the front of each chair too. Not sure about that yet.

Packing, sorting and cleaning is taking forever. We did manage to clean out part of the garage and I organized and packed a bunch of my gardening stuff in boxes. Kept out only the necessities so I can dig up my faves to take up north with me when we move.

Within the next week or so I will be putting ALL of my shops and my studio into “Moving Sale” mode. There is so much I need to clear out before I move so I’m going to drastically bring the prices down so I can clear everything out. I suspect that all of my shops may be closed for up to a month while we’re in the moving process but we’ll see how that goes too.

Almost out of coffee now and feeling motivated to get to work. TTFN!


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