Going in a new direction….

Ok…for about 3 yrs, I’ve been known as Rustic Diva Designs, Gypsy Wynd and Diva Wynd Destash on Etsy and ArtFire. Well, with the upcoming move, I’ve decided it is time for a major change. I will moving all of my items into 2 shops/studios and the new name is “Bramble Oak”. Being inspired but the new location I’m moving to (which is surrounded by oaks and blackberry brambles) I figured it was time to simplify everything and get back to doing what I love. Of course…this change won’t be complete for some time as my shops/studio won’t be reopening until later this summer, but I figured I’d throw a “heads-up” out there for everyone anyway.

I have been working on building a new website, blog, twitter account, facebook fan page, contact email and lots more. The new site and blog are going to be featuring not only my love of art/craft creations but will also be filled with stories about family, nature, being self-sufficient (or trying to be LOL), gardening, pets, recipes, country life and lots more. I hope that you’ll come and visit me at Bramble Oak once I get everything set up and ready to go. πŸ™‚ It will be hard to leave Rustic Diva Designs behind especially but I’ll still be holding on to it for awhile in some capacity.


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