Went to the flea market in Adams yesterday taking along a van full of goodies to sell.  Unfortunately we came back home with almost as much as we took.  Despite the fact that we had a large assortment of items…everything from clothing to car parts, sales for us were really low.  I think we managed to make more from other venders (resellers) before the gates opened than we made the rest of the day.  I also brought along several crafty items plus garden seeds and beading supplies but not many sales there either.  (a few of my crocheted bracelets sold)  The kids made a couple of bucks which made them kind of happy so that was a good thing.  Problem, of course is that nobody has any money.  I don’t blame these people for not wanting to buy….we’re just as broke as anyone else.  🙂  Maybe we’ll try again this season but for now we’re planning on having a couple of yard sales at home to avoid the flea market fees.

Next year, the plan is PRODUCE!  Before we moved here I had planned to start a small business of growing produce and flowers to sell at the flea market and after seeing a couple other produce sellers there yesterday, my idea is confirmed!  Older gentleman next to us selling tomatoes, cukes etc sold out by noon!  I think it helped that he was really friendly and had a great line of bull (LOL) but still, growing stuff is something that I love so I see this as the perfect opportunity for me.

Today I’m working on a new recipe that I found for Crockpot Apple Butter.  I edited it a bit (as I do with most recipes I find) to use not water to cook down the apples but blackberry juice.  It’s in the crockpot now and smells pretty darn good so 12 hrs from now, we’ll see how it tastes.   There was an Amish woman at the flea market that was selling hot pepper butter.  Sounds so unusual but it’s something that I might like to try also. 

I have a bushel of hot and mild peppers calling my name so I’m headed back to the kitchen.  Need to get these canned before they get too soft.

Plus…. opening my new Etsy shop tonight.  Pretty excited about it and happy to be getting back to creative work again.


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