Lazy Friday

Friday again and it’s been a lazy day for me.  I haven’t had the energy to do much but it’s mostly because my allergies have really been acting up today. 

Since it’s been one of those lazy days, the family and I decided to make a day of going into town, browsing a few shops and running some errands.  We also stopped at Mike’s parent’s house for a quick visit.  While there I dropped off a jar of my blackberry apple butter and we picked up about 3 gallons of fresh peaches.  (I was told that peaches cannot grow this side of Lk Michigan but my FIL Jim proved that theory wrong).  Those little beauties will be going into the freezer so we can enjoy them over the winter.  I see peach pie in our future. 

This week we also got a bunch of sweet corn so I got most of that ready for the freezer.  Fairly easy system and from what I read in my researching…they should keep pretty well with very little of that “freezer” taste.

My Freezer Corn Method

After I got all the corn shucked and washed, I threw it into a large pot of water that had about 1/3 C. of sugur added.  I lightly boiled (not a full rolling boil but a gentle boil) just about 5 minutes.  Basically I watch it until the color of the corn changes and boil for about 1 minute after it changes.  Not an exact science but it’s how I cook it for fresh eating too.  I hate tough corn!

Pretty huh?

After boiling I dunked it directly into a sink-full of VERY cold water to stop the cooking process.

Next I took my best, sharpest kitchen knife and sheared the cobs of their corn.  Having never done this before I’ll admit that the first one wasn’t the prettiest but it’s not difficult to get the hang of.

Yes…I also tasted it at this point and it was YUMMY!

After decobbing all the corn, I packed up about 1 pint into each baggie, squeezed out all the air and took it all to the freezer.  I am hoping that my method will be successful and we’ll have some really good corn to eat over the winter.  I guess I’ll share the true results in about January and let everyone know.

My Etsy shop has officially opened.  I have a couple of items listed and I’m listing new items almost every day.  Also…since I’ve changed my ‘business’ name from Rustic Diva Designs to Bramble Oak, I’ve decided (after the voices in my head had much debating) to close my ArtFire studio as I cannot change my user name.  I will probably open a new account on there at one point but for now, I’m concentrating on my website and Etsy shop.


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