New Flower Bed

We just finished up a new flower bed in front of the house.  Mike had recently put in a new sidewalk and we decided to soften up the edges by creating a little shade garden.

After mapping out the edges he rototilled to find the previously compacted soil (it was a spot to park the car) we discovered that there was some really good dirt hidden underneath.  Loose and dark with just a bit of sand.  I found some old, cut fence posts that we had found awhile ago but never used and decided it would be the perfect place to put them.  They’re scattered at intervals to “edge” the bed.  We scored on some discounted hostas and an Annebelle hydrangea for only $2!  Couldn’t pass up that deal.  Youngest DD moved some annuals from other beds to give the new flower bed a bit of color too.  Mike also set a border of rocks around it and put in some of our solar lights and it’s pretty much finished.  Not too bad for a day and a half worth of work.


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