Future Garden Plans

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Spent quite a bit of time today looking through a disk of photos of what my garden looked like about 4 yrs ago.  (which was also 2 houses ago)  I kept up with some of the plants, taking most of them with me (along with their seeds) when we moved the first time but not this time.  Here, I have only a few of the hundreds of plants I once had but I DO have the seeds.   

 Today I was re-inspired to build something even more colorful and elaborate than the garden that used to be.  The old garden was a beautiful jungle filled with veggies, perennials and vines closed in by a sky-blue fence with handmade/recycled arbor and gate.   I recently started on a new fence around the garden in the back here but that is just the beginning.  I need to create an arbor entrance and maybe a sitting area inside.  (thinking a homemade bench is in order). 

Anyway, these are just a few of the pics from the ‘old’ garden.


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