ArtFire Group Deal

Yes, I took the plunge back into ArtFire.  I recently closed up my old shop “rusticdivadesigns” on ArtFire to turn my name and business in a new direction.  Went back to ArtFire with a basic account but just about 3 minutes ago, I decided to take ArtFire up on their incredible deal to be a Pro-member for only $5.95 / month. 

I loved ArtFire before….being a pro member with my old account was fabulous.  Extremely friendly staff and fellow sellers, plus there are all kinds of “perks” with a pro account that I truely miss.   So if you are a basic member, pro member or are just looking for someplace to sell your handmade or vintage items, you should take a peek at ArtFire (especially with this awesome deal they’re offering now)


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