Rustic Artwork

Rustic artwork….. kind of came about by accident.  I had purchased an old painting on canvas from a rummage sale awhile ago.  It was a little beat-up and definitely not something I’d normally hang up.   So, I decided to paint over it.  Sounds a little dodgy, doesn’t it?  Painting over some other artwork is rather odd to say the least but it was a “commercial” piece of work and although the painting was in rough shape, the canvas and frame were in good condition.

In keeping with the theme I was currently working on (black bears) I decided to keep it simple and see how a bear silhouette looked on canvas.  With a little texture and gobs of paint,  it turned out rather nice (IMO).

Now this painting technique has really seemed to capture my attention.  They’re FUN!  I recently finished 7 more paintings (this time on canvas-board) using the same basic style.   Ok…. “officially” finished 4.  There is a trio of black bears with different backgrounds that I’m not positive are finished yet.   

These are all available in my Etsy shop now.

Back to the paint for me now… working on some watercolors today.


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