What zone are you REALLY in?

I have a “thing” about gardening zones and pushing the limits of what you can and  cannot grow.  According to Garden Web and other reliable  online sources, I am in USDA zone 4b.  Close to zone 5 but not close enough to slip under the radar.  The “thing” that bothers me the most is retailers telling me that I am in zone 5 (used to be. moved. not there any more)  I recently got a catalog from an online plant and seed retailer which lists me at zone 5.    Now, I find this horribly deceiving becuase the beginning gardener who does not know what their zone is will end up purchasing a bunch of plants that might or might not survive the winter.  Even local garden centers will set out perennials with zone 5 tags in a zone 4 location which leads consumers to believe that those plants will be just fine all through the winter.  Sure…they might.  But if you get a super cold season, chances are those 5’s are NOT going to make it in a 4.

There are ways to baby a plant through a colder zone but this requires research and a little extra work.  Or, you might have a mild winter ….  or there’s always prayer.  😉

I’ll admit.  I have some seeds that I’m trying to winter sow that would be better suited to zone 5.  I also have some plants that I brought with me that may not survive this colder zone.  The difference is that I KNOW this and I’m not trying to fool anyone…. it’s my own decision and there’s no garden center or online plant supplier involved.  Ah well…

Got 34 more containers of seeds finished yesterday for wintersowing.  Again, some are “iffy” and might be better suited to a warmer zone but I’m giving it a try anyway.

Black-eye-susan 1

Mexican Hat Coneflower 2

Poppy (NOID) 3

Gloriosa Daisy 3

Northern Sea Oats Grass 2

Rudbeckia – Irish Eyes 2

Hibiscus “Kopper King” 2

Hibiscus “Luna White” 2

Rose of Sharon – white 2

Spearmint 2

Gaillardia (from a trade) 1

Bachelor Buttons – older commercial seeds 2

Cleome – white 2

Cleome – pink 2

Rudbeckia “Goldilocks” 3

Columbine (NOID) 3


2 thoughts on “What zone are you REALLY in?

  1. Thanks for sharing this! A very useful tool…. I like that you can zoom in and see your own zip code plus get good info on your personal area.

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