Just add exercise….

OK.  So in the past I haven’t been big on excercising as a set type of thing.  I usually considered my exercise routine as the time I spent in the garden digging or swimming at the lake with the family or walking or just doing what I do every day.  Until recently….

Feeling like I’m getting older and horribly out of shape this past winter.    Aching joints, sore muscles and fatigue have made me look a little harder at what I do every day.   I decided that I finally wanted to get into better shape.  (must note here…  I’m a big girl.  No, I don’t eat a lot but I’m big – nuff said ’bout that)  I know that I will never be 125 lbs since it’s just probably not attainable for me but I would like to be more fit, flexible and have better muscle strength.

So… I’ve started by creating my own exercing routine which involves yoga and pilates.  Some lower impact stuff but it’s stuff that I can really “feel” when I’m done.   Been working at it for about a week now.   I’ll admit I did take a couple days off for this pounding headache I’ve had.   I’ll also admit that I should NOT have taken those three days off because even though I woke up with the headache again this morning….  one session of the yoga and pilates completely killed the headache!

I have a yoga DVD which is supposed to be for beginners but this guy is NOT at my level.  (his idea of beginner is waaaayyy off from mine)  Little did I realize that I did not need to purchase any DVD’s at all.  Do a search on youtube and there are TONS of videos from beginner to advanced and you can pick and choose which ones you like the best.  It’s like taking an exercise class for FREE!  Can’t beat that.  Anyway, I have a couple of favorites that I’m working on right now.  Today I viewed beginning yoga and beginning pilates videos and really found a good workout concentrating on my legs, butt and stomach.   If you get a chance… take a peek.  They’re not too strenuous and after I finished I felt a good burn in my muscles PLUS since I’m combining the two types of exercise, I feel really stretched out, graceful and more in balance.




This could become addictive!


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