Early morning in the garden

Pink Tulip


There’s nothing quite like being in the garden early in the morning.   Sent the kiddies off to school, took a walk around the yard and decided it was a good day to get right to work.

Even though my seeds that had been planted early got snowed on and were subjected to a freeze or two, I’m happy to see that my radish, lettuce and peas are growing like crazy.  Of course, it helps that the temps in the past couple of days have been really warm.  Still waiting to see something from the beets and carrots though…

Today I planted lots of herbs.   Bouquet dill, cilantro, mixed basil, chamomile and curly parsley.  Unfortunately, planting all the herbs has cut into my tomato and pepper growing area.  <sigh>  I need a bigger garden.  Transplanted my chives and thyme into the herb bed and planning on transplanting the chocolate mint that I just found (thought it died) in my front flower bed.  I also have my catmint in various areas around the house but I’m leaving it near the house as it’s “supposed” to deter ants.

Herb patch and DD's little garden.
Veggie patch. Not much room left for the maters and peppers...


Wintersown containers are really sprouting like crazy.  Couple seeds I’m concerned about but it’s still early in the season, so we’ll see.


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