My new garden decor!

Yesterday my FIL (father in law) gave me this awesome, antique cook stove.  He was going to haul it in for scrap but decided to give it to me instead.  WOOHOO!

It is missing the cook-top so I was going to fill it full of dirt and plant flowers in it.  Maybe open up the doors and plant some in all the crevices and openings.  But…. hubby suggested that I use it for a potting table.  (don’t tell his this, but the man is a GENIUS!)  All we’d need to find is something to replace the missing cook-top area to use as the work station and it would be perfect!  Loads of spaces to store garden tools and still some room for me to put some potted annuals on the shelves for color.


I am working on doing a little research on it also.  Where it was made, age, etc.  

 In any case… it’s the coolest find of the Spring so far!!  I’ll share pics of how it looks when it’s in place (that will be an adventure in itself cuz it’s HEAVY) and all set up with my goodies and some flowers.  🙂

***Just a reminder, read my previous post on my garden seed give-away!***


3 thoughts on “My new garden decor!

  1. If the hubby ( whose brilliant idea this was) could build a wood top, even could be out of left over counter top…. with a hole in it to put a plastic tub. You could pot the dirt over that and keep it contain then when finished , dump any loose dirt back into the container for storage….. Just a thought!

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