Searching for my ‘thing’

Seems I’m constantly searching for my ‘thing’.  As a crafter and artist, I’m all over the place.  Constantly trying new things to see what’s fun and what I might be good at.  Then, when something gets too easy for me… I drop it like a brick.

Jewelry design ~ fun and I love it but I have no specific style that I can see.  Not something that is a real lucrative option for me either.  It that because I have to specific ‘style’ that I make or is it because it’s such an overloaded market… not sure.  Could be both.  I love working with beach glass but it’s not the only material I work with.   Vintage assemblage is so much fun but it’s a whole different style than beach glass too.  Hmmmm

Art~  my first real love.  Since I earned my first award in 2nd grade, it’s been my ‘go to’ option.  Problem with that is that I draw and paint too many different subjects.  I totally admire abstract and fantasy artists but just can’t seem to grasp the style myself.  Every time I try, it turns into a frustrating adventure and the piece ends up in a drawer.  Couple things I know I can paint… landscapes and animals.  Not the ‘cute” illustrated stuff that people seem to love now but realistic renditions of what I see right in front of me.  I can flip open a magazine and draw a bird or a barn within minutes.   It’s something I can do but is it something I really SHOULD be doing. ….

Photography ~ LOVE taking photos!  don’t know what else to say ’bout that tho.

Little crafty things ~ I like working with little crafts. Birch bark, wood, misc stuff like that but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere either.  I love to refinish furniture but it’s a very bulky hobby that depends on the weather a lot of times.  More of a personal ‘thing’ than something I can make any money on.

Gardening ~ seeds, plants.  Well, that’s here to stay.  No way I’m changing that. LOL

Paper crafts:  love making little stamped mini cards and I do keep them in my other shop.  They do OK as far as being ‘sellable’.  In that shop I also have a few sewn items and some crocheted things.  I’ve never really sold anything crocheted and few sewn items but I guess that’s OK.  Those are just fun things I dabble in.

Apparently, I have some searching to do.  I would like to limit myself to a few certain things that I sell in my shop / shops.  Only problem is how do I quell the urge to jump from craft to craft?  I don’t want to feel trapped but I don’t want to continue this jumbled journey either.


2 thoughts on “Searching for my ‘thing’

  1. I always feel the same way. Pulled in many directions, wanting to commit to everything and nothing at the same time! I think it makes us interesting. I’ve met people who don’t seem interested in… anything. Bleck. I can’t imagine.

    What about taking a class? I tend to do lots of solitary activities (it’s my favourite way to work/create), but sometimes when you see someone else getting excited about something, it’s really fun. Plus, they can give you those wee tips that are only shared in person. It may turn out that you don’t end up focusing on the topic the course covers, but you’ll meet other people, get inspired, hear about stuff that might interest you and really get the juices flowing! You just might springboard into a whole new passion!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. Something I will consider. I tend to do a lot of solitary activities also but it would be nice to connect and compare ideas with some other people in a class. Great idea!

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