I feel RICH!

Happened to take another stroll around the yard today.  And yes, I do this most everyday but for some reason, I was really looking today.  Not just seeing what was new among what was already there but really looking.  Near the driveway there were these funny little bushes.  Odd blooms in the Spring, kind of neat foliage but that was about it.  Noticed today that they had berries.  Little, black-ish berries.  Did some research, confirmed it with the FIL and found out they’re Wild Black Currants.  Well… guess I was lucky cuz before I confirmed their ID with the FIL, I tasted them.    I know… probably not smart but I swear… I didn’t swallow.  😉

Wild Black Currant
Walking along after that… lo and behold there’s another type of fruit I hadn’t noticed before.  I think I remember some kind of trees with pretty blooms in this area early in the Spring but after they bloomed… slipped my mind.  Just figured they were a pretty bloomin tree.  Asked FIL  what they were (and again, lucky break for me cuz I also tasted these without doing any research at all…again, didn’t swallow ) they’re Wild Plums.  Really?  How cool is that!  He said they’re pretty small and not quite ready but that he also has some by his place… same thing.  Maybe if I take down a couple of the Sumacs that are crowding the poor things, I’ll get better fruit next year.
Wild Plum
Now, this is some kind of ‘wild’ Apple or something but this year the fruit is looking pretty good.  Not as wormy (no… I don’t spray my plants) and the fruit is a bit bigger.  Could be because I trimmed it up late in the winter… could be just dumb luck.  I dunno.  But, I am looking forward to getting out there with my homemade apple picker (you should see this thing… it’s hilarious) and getting a bunch for apple pie filling, apple jam and apple jelly.
Wild Apples
Up the road a bit… Chokecherry jackpot!  I have a few of these trees … um a lot of these trees in my yard but I can’t reach any of the berries!  I have to wait for them to fall and that’s just no fun.  So, I took a stroll up the road and discovered a nice, low tree that was easy pickin.  Got quite a few and I’ll be going back for more.
Finally… the Wild Grapes.  Not much there last year but this year we’re finding tons!  The grapes, chokecherries and some elderberries (no pic of those yet… OK, I had pics but they were fuzzy and not really blog worthy.  I working on it.) are being frozen a little at a time and will eventually become a yummy wild jelly.  Anyway… grapes.  Sour, yet juicy. 
Wild Grapes


So, you see… I’m feeling rich.  My backyard is like a big ‘ol bowl of fruit.  Started with late spring’s strawberries.  Then the red and black wild raspberries.  Next the blackberries (which I will admit were a bit of a dissapointment this year.  Not much out there for some reason) and now apples, grapes, currants, elderberries, chokecherries AND plums!!!  Wonder what I’ll find next…..

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