Fall Cleaning

Fall has finally arrived.   The color here is just beautiful…  and the weather has cooled considerably.  We’ve had two nights of light frost and everything has really started slowing down.  The morning glories has been hit the worst… especially at the tops but still seeing a few small blooms.  I have been collecting seeds almost as fast as they ripen and I have a couple plants that are really testing my patience.   Figures the slow ones would be the morning glories that I want the seeds from the most!

We picked all of the peppers last week and pulled the plants. The majority of those were packaged and thrown in the freezer already.  Yesterday my little helpers went through the tomatoes, picked them all and those are going to be made into green tomato salsa.   The gourds are just about ready to pick and the potatoes will probably be dug up very soon.

Most people Spring Clean – I am not much for cleaning in the Spring when I could be outside getting my fingers in the dirt.  So, I am more of a Fall Cleaning kind of person.  All of the stuff that I didn’t get to over the summer gets done over the Fall and Winter.  I am going to be opening up a little shop on Yardsellr so I can get some goodies cleared out.  Not just handmade stuff… but other things like books, VHS movies, clothing and other misc.  I started up a shop on Ecrater but I think I’m going to give Yardsellr a whirl also.  Why not…

On a sad note, one of our roosters, Shadow died during the night.  Not sure why.  Looks like he just closed his eyes, went to sleep and decided not to wake up.  He was a favorite of ours and we’re going to miss his calm, sweet nature. ♥


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