Happy New Year 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope everyone is having a great start to 2012.  Resolutions?  Nah… me either.  I never follow them anyway.  Couple things I’m going to try to accomplish is to complete a blog post a day, work on my Youtube videos a bit more consistantly…. maybe 4 per week?  Oh and, try to loose 10 lbs per month.   Guess we’ll see.

The year has started out OK for the family and I.  We got some snow (which we needed).  Poor plants didn’t have a blanket to protect them from the cold.  So, with the snow’s arrival, we pretty much hung out at home all day.  Hubby and Younger DD ran to town for movies but that’s about it.  In-laws came over and stayed for a bit and my FIL reminded me of exactly where my husband got his Polak from. LOL  Ah, but that’s another story.

Clearing out my Etsy shops and clearing out supplies is going pretty well so far.  I feel like I’m doing a serious Spring cleaning.  It’s kind of hard cuz this is my ‘stuff’…. my ‘stash’ but in another way, it feels good to declutter.

OOHHH and the seed catalogs have started arriving!  OH JOYOUS DAY!  Making lists of things I’d love to try but this year I’m trying to keep the pepper and tomato varieties down to a managable amount.  (yea, good theory but is it possible??? hah!)



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