Jan 5th 2012 A Post a Day

Figures… I missed a couple of days.  I was going to post on Tuesday night at about 3am cuz I couldn’t sleep but turning on the ‘puter seemed like a lot of work….

So now it’s Thursday and I got some sleep last night.  Feeling pretty good today.  Sun is shining and it’s supposed to be kind of warm.  Well, warm for January anyway.

Hubby and I are working on the ceiling and kitchen cupboards.  Started the project at 7pm last night which involved pulling down two of the upper cabinets so we could patch the ceiling.  NOT fun but it’s patched and we’ll most likely put the cabinets back up later today.  We are going to keep them about 1-5/8″ down from the ceiling and then take down the other set so they’re all at the same height.  Future plans are to put in a new ceiling (at least to cover the old one up.  I like these http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=ceiling+tiles&view=detail&id=096D05BAE87233E8339AB6FCABEF457C417F90AF&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR 

Very cool and simple.  I think they’d look nice.

Finally uploaded some more Youtube videos.  Nothing fancy… just a little this and that. 🙂

Still searching for a few more things I’d like to add to the garden in the Spring.  Hopefully things will work out and I can grow enough to can / freeze to get us through next winter without having to buy any veggies, fruit, salsa or soup… and probably a few other things.  I’d like to get a pressure canner this summer so I can do a little more variety than I can now.

While I had my night of insomnia, I was thinking about things that would be useful to have in my car.  This is just a personal list based on what I do…. yours would no doubt be a little different.  This isn’t just a winter type of thing but it’s a list of stuff that kind of comes up when you’re gone from home.  The, “Oh, I wish I had one of these with me right now”, kind of things.

This is what I’ve come up with so far:  measuring tape, notebook and pencil, rope, scissors, knife, blanket, small shovel, bandaids, matches or a lighter.  I am sure I’ll think of more….



2 thoughts on “Jan 5th 2012 A Post a Day

  1. I’m also trying to plant enough this year to avoid buying any form of fruit or vegetable from the grocery store. It should be interesting, but fun!! Hopefully some day I can add grains to the garden too! Best of luck with your gardening…

    1. I am planningon adding grains… hopefully this summer. What I’d like is a little patch of oats and wheat. I could then harvest the grain and use the rest for straw for the chickens. It’s on my ‘to do list’. 🙂

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