Knee Deep Into Winter

We’re finally knee-deep into Winter here.  Had a couple nights of -15 degree temps which meant that day temps ranged around 0 degrees.  That doesn’t make for happy times when it’s too cold to get outside and even take a walk.  A brain-freeze without ice cream?  Not good…  We did finally get some snow though.

We are muddling along through the season.  DH’s truck is back on it’s wheels and runs better than ever.  I’ve been working on clearing out more of my craft stuff but it’s slow and tedious.  Considering selling large lots of it instead of just small listings just to get the stuff out.  I need to start my seeds under lights soon and all this crafting chaos is in the way.  <sigh>  What to do… what to do…

As for my New Year goals?  Well, OK  this is why I hate resolutions or anything that even closely resembles a resolution.  The 10 lbs a month thing… well maybe not this month.  (although FIL did bring me over an old stationary bike.  I just need to find room for it in the house and start using it) Don’t know.  Maybe I did loose a few lbs since I’ve gone down 1 jean size.  What other goals did I have?  I honestly can’t remember right now. 😉  I have been making a few more videos but seems like the only thing happening is birds, birds, birds at the feeders.  I love watchin my birds but that is starting to get old (even for me).  A blog post a day.  Yea… not so much.   Can’t seem to remember to do that on a consistant basis.  Especially when there’s not much going on.

Reading over the above, I see someone hit my sarcasm button today so I’ll leave it at that.  TTFN!


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