Frugal Bread Score

Major score on bread the other day.  One of the local grocery stores bulk bags their day-old bakery bread into larger bags that must be at least 36″ tall x 18″ wide.   I think the bag must have weighed about 20 lbs…. no kidding.  Anyway, they then mark the bags as ‘bird food’ and sell them for $2.99.  Keep in mind, this bread shows no sign of mold, nor is it hard, dried out or yucky in any way (believe me, I thoroughly checked).   I definitely applaud them for NOT throwing away perfectly good food even if they’ve marked it for the birds. 🙂

So, bought a bag, brought it home and wrapped all the bread back up into it’s respectible loaves or groups as some of it was buns for subs or brats…. and ended up just about filling the freezer with some really nice bread from the store’s bakery.  From what dear daughter and I figured out, we saved $16-$25 on bread.  Not to bad.

I supposed some might find this kind of weird, eating ‘bird food’ bread but hey…  why not?  If it would have been yucky at all, I would have ended up with some happy birdies so I figure it was a win-win situation.

I’ve got to add one more little thing… I went to the grocery store yesterday with the intention to buy some yeast for homemade bread baking.  You know,  one of those jars of it that they sell.   I almost fell over in the aisle when I saw the price of this stuff in another grocery store near me.  $7.99!!!!!!  I have never seen it that expensive before!  I think I’ll wait until it goes on sale and keep on enjoying the bird bread until I do.


4 thoughts on “Frugal Bread Score

    1. Terrible. There’s a Dent and Bent near me where I got a bunch of yeast around Christmas time for pennies but naven’t seen any there for awhile. I hope they get some more in soon….

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