Magical Fairy Garden Idea

I’ve been inspired.  I have quiet a few strands of faux pearls.  Pink, white and gold… mostly.  Wonder what it would look like to pick a little corner of the yard and turn it into a Magical Fairy Garden.  I think I may have a spot picked out in the front yard…


 Hang the strands of pearls from the trees, maybe? 

 I have a headboard and footboard from a bed that I can turn into a garden bench and paint it white. 

Set pots of flowers around the bench.  Grow some white and pastel annuals (impatiens, petunias, alysum) in the pots.  Maybe include some plants that smell really nice (nicotiana, datura,).  Find some perennials that would be OK in a semi-shady situation…. hostas with white blooms, woodland phlox, hydrangea, foxglove.

Add more of the teacup bird feeders.

Partial picket fence along the side to border the area.

Solar lights!

I am setting up a specific board on Pinterest for ideas.   Hope this link to the board will work.

Oh!  And as for that sour-dough starter I made.  Didn’t work as good as I thought it would.  Dough was pretty flat and a little too sweet for our taste.  I’ve made a new starter and we’re trying that one out.  Trial and error.  🙂

Planning out the new chicken coop and trying to figure out when I want to order chicks.  I also made a homemade incubator for fertile eggs.  But, my Roo recently died so I’m either going to have to find a new roo or purchase some fertile eggs from someone.  I’m just waiting on it to get a bit warmer and also waiting for the lamp dimmer I ordered because the incubator temp is too hot to put eggs into right now.


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